Replacement Jost DK 90/14 Double row ballrace Turntables and slewing rings

Product Description


  • Dairy Tankers
  • Sludge Tankers
  • Tri axle Tipping
  • Trailers
  • Double row ballrace.


  • BPW turntables are equipped with supporting and retaining ball races between the upper and lower rings.
  • The axial forces on the turntables are accepted vertically via the large supporting ball bearings.
  • The horizontal tensile and compressive forces incurred are accepted by the smaller retaining ball bearings.
  • The moment forces resulting from braking and centrifugal forces, are mutually accepted by the supporting and retaining ball bearings.
  • The retaining ball bearings connect the upper and lower turntable rings.
  • The design principle ensures maximum reliability because the active axial and radial forces are distributed between the two ball races of BPW turntables.
  • The ball races are permanently protected against dirt and dust by a multi-lip seal.


2>.Products details:

As per the production technology, there are casting turntable, forging turntable and casting steel turntable.

As per the Bearing, there are single ball bearing turntables, double ball bearing turntable, and three ball bearing turntable.

As per the shape, there are UA type turntable, UB type turntable, C type turntable and D type turntable.

Also we manufacture different types Drums, Hubs and other Casting Parts in this factory.

2. Production Process:

Modeling – Casting – Scarfing Cinder –Cooling –Rough Lathe –Finish Lathe–Drilling –Compositing –Testing –Painting


Cast Iron


Note: We could design and produce any types of Turntables as per customers requirements.


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