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10 Simple Steps for Ordering Custom Torsion Springs

Wabco is your source for a wide range of stock and custom spring designs. If your torsion spring needs don’t fit within our stock selection, ordering custom torsion springs is easy with our interactive torsion spring order form. As a qualified and experienced spring supplier, Wabco offers you the advantages of:

  • A wide range of stock springs
  • Full custom fabrication capabilities
  • Online ordering or personal assistance on custom orders
  • Quotes and answers the same day requested
  • All products manufactured in the USA

10 easy steps will enable you to order a quote for the custom torsion springs you need. In most cases, your finalized custom torsion springs order will ship within 3 to 10 days of confirmation.

  1. Choose the Type of Material – Music Wire, Hard Drawn MB, Oil Tempered Wire, Stainless Steel (202), Phosphor Bronze, Brass (or specify other)
  2. Specify the Wire Diameter – ranges are available from .008″ to .500″
  3. Indicate the Inside or Outside Diameter of the Finished Spring
  4. Relationship of Legs – 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, 360 degrees (or specify other)
  5. Number of Coils – should end in 1/4 if 90 degrees, 1/2 if 360 degrees, 3/4 if 270 degrees or an even number if 180 degrees
  6. Specify Length of Leg #1 and #2
  7. Direction of Wind – Right Hand or Left Hand
  8. Select a Spring Finish – Plain, Zinc Plate, Black Oxide, Shot Peen, Passivate, (or indicate other)
  9. Specify the Desired Quantity Range
  10. Enter your Contact Information & Submit

Our online custom torsion spring order form also allows you to provide additional application-specific details, such as temperature requirements. Additional information you can provide will help our team supply you with an extension spring that works and is most cost effective.

We recommend speaking with one of our design specialists for first time orders or new modifications to existing torsion springs.