Replacement Jost Series HE and SO Ball bearing Turntables and slewing rings

Product Description


For speeds up to 105km/h (65m.p.h)

  • Drawbar Trailers
  • Special Trailers


  • Ball bearing turntables are supplied undrilled.
    *drilled and primed in black for corrosion protection.
  • The measurements are subject to our standard tolerances.
  • The above axial loads are applicable if the slewing ring is mounted to the front axle of the trailer with three/four axles at speeds of up to 105 km/h (65 mph).
  • They can be exceeded by 10% for full trailers with two axles.
  • In case of speeds below 30 km/h (18 mph) the axial loads can be exceeded by 20%.
  • If required axial loads exceed the data permitted for turntables of series HE/SO, please ask for slewing rings of series KDL 900, which allow axial loads up to 250 kN.
  • In case of use above the steered axle and above the fifth wheel on semi-trailers with rear axle steering please enquire as to the load data giving details of the vehicle.
  • The load limits are only valid for operation on paved roads and under conditions prevailing in Europe.


2>.Products details:

As per the production technology, there are casting turntable, forging turntable and casting steel turntable.

As per the Bearing, there are single ball bearing turntables, double ball bearing turntable, and three ball bearing turntable.

As per the shape, there are UA type turntable, UB type turntable, C type turntable and D type turntable.

Also we manufacture different types Drums, Hubs and other Casting Parts in this factory.

2. Production Process:

Modeling – Casting – Scarfing Cinder –Cooling –Rough Lathe –Finish Lathe–Drilling –Compositing –Testing –Painting


Cast Iron


Note: We could design and produce any types of Turntables as per customers requirements.


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