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Precautions for maintenance of the leaf spring

Driver in the course of the use of vehicles, may be damaged leaf spring break the emergence of course, because the use of leaf springs for a long time, there is the phenomenon of fracture This is normal, but if it is early damage from the root should be due to Abnormal use and maintenance caused. In the following for a Driver summed up a few leaf spring in the use of precautions.


1. Truck drivers in the usual should pay more attention to leaf spring maintenance, lubrication should be carried out regularly to prevent the lack of lubrication caused by shock absorber failure.

2. In the usual maintenance process should also pay attention to horse bolts, center bolts fastened to prevent the damage caused by the steel plate spring bolt loosening.

3. The number of leaf spring is closely related to the rated load of the vehicle. When the vehicle is often under overload or partial load, the fatigue strength of the leaf spring will be reduced and the service life of leaf spring will be reduced.

4. In order to extend the life of the leaf spring, should avoid running too fast, especially in the rugged road driving, the speed will lead to excessive acceleration of steel leaf spring fatigue and damage.

5. When driving to minimize the emergency brake, otherwise it will let the leaf spring to withstand greater bending stress and tensile stress; In addition, when turning, the speed is too fast, will increase the outer Truck leaf spring load, speed up Damage to leaf spring.


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