Torque TR9270 Rolling Lobe Air Spring,Replaces Firestone W01-358-9270, Hendrickson 20010, 25559 Air Bag

Product Description

Many visitors to this page are searching for the Hendrickson numbers S20010 or C20010. These numbers are interchangeable for the same air bag, and the bag listed on this page is a top quality, direct replacement.



This air bag has 1 stud on top and a 4-hole 11″ wide base. See 280-8944 for a similar, but shorter, air bag.

Features and Benefits

  • Require little to no maintenancefirestone-w01-358-9270-air-spring
  • Pressure tested for quality assurance
  • Increase towing and hauling capabilities
  • Replace worn out oem air bags
  • Increase life of other suspension components
  • NO maintenance required – these air bags are true workhorses and do not require any upkeep after the initial installation
  • Direct replacement from OEM air springs – no additional components required
  • Great for extending the life of your suspension as a whole – torque air springs are the most conveinent and reliable solution
  • Spring Pro Bellows Number: 889270
  • Goodyear Bellows Number: 566-26-3-053 or 566-26-3-036
  • Goodyear Part Number: 1R13-119 or 1R13-077
  • Firestone Bellows Number: 1T15VP-4
  • Firestone Part Number: W01-358-9270
  • Piston Material: Steel
  • Replaces: Hendrickson Trailer S-20010 (HT230T),
  • Cross References: 1R13077, 1R13119, 1T15VM35, 566243036, 566263036, 566263037, 9276, S25559, 8433, C20010, S20010, 352107, 1R13119, W013589270, W01 358 9270, AS-0084, 64287, 9 10-13.5 S 433, 910-13.5S433, 91013.5S433
    A cross reference listing means that this air bag may be a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Please double check the dimensions and location of mounting holes and stud to be sure the air bag will work in your application.

PS:We have a special offer on “factory seconds” if you’re looking for a deal! See the Related Products tab on this page. The 280-9270 on this page is a standard air bag, not a factory second.

Firestone offers a complete line of Airide springs, with replacement springs available for virtually every air suspension system on the market today.

To be sure you choose the correct replacement air bag, we offer tips on identifying an air spring as well as a page illustrating the components of an air spring. Use them as a guide but feel free to give us a call to help you identify your spring.

Torque air springs are ready to prove that they are the best in the business when it comes to replacement air bags. At the Torque Parts facility, the engineers went the extra mile and created a custom test machine used to ensure that all air bags are built to the proper design height and exceed the normal suspension expectations.

Each torque air spring is made with a reinforced rubber compound and will give you unmatched comfort regardless of your suspension situation. Looking to tow and haul gear with ease? Looking for maximum ride quality when travelling over long distances? Torque has you covered in areas that other replacement air bags fail to mention, we guaranatee it.

A Goodyear sleeve air spring will employ a flexible member without an internally molded bead. The flexmember is attached to the end of the retainers by pinching the material between the ends and the exterior crimp rings which are then adjusted to the proper diameter. There are many applications for Goodyear sleeve style airbag springs. The most common uses are ride springs for passenger cars and truck, isolators and springs for truck cab suspensions and seat springs, as well as many commonly seen industrial applications. 1R12-375 Goodyear Super-Cushion ® Air Spring will give your truck, trailer, or bus a long lasting durability and productivity to the air suspension with years of maintenance free service.


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