Stemco 372-7099 Grit Guard Wheel Seal Set

Product Description

Stemco wheel seal set
Stemco Part Number: 372-7099
One seal and one Grit Guard axle ring for servicing one wheel
For use in many Dana, Eaton P-22, Fruehauf, and Meritor TP Pro-Par trailer axle wheels
Includes one 315-1503 axle ring and one 320-2023 wheel seal

Grit Guard Axle Ring Dimensions:

Part Number For Shoulder
Seal Area
Width Flange
315-1503 4.250″ 4.369″ 0.677″ 5.625″ 0.453″

Oil Seal Dimensions:

Part Number For Bore
Width Axle Ring
O.D. +/- 0.01
320-2023 6.008″ 0.914″ 4.377″

Found in applications with the following bearing combinations:

Inner Bearing
Outer Bearing
Universal Axle
Tool Head
Universal Hub
Tool Head
HM518410/HM518445 HM518410/HM518445 555-5023 551-5401

Cross References: Stemco 307-0723, Stemco 373-0123, Stemco 373-0223, National 370065A, National 376590A, National 380065A, Trailmobile 4131144, Trailmobile 4131164, Trailmobile 4131211, Trailmobile 4131236, Great Dane 42525, CR 42622, CR 42623, CR 42627, CR 42630, CR 42631, CR 46390, Victor 46841, Great Dane 47555, Freuhauf 530480, Triseal 65262U, Triseal 65262W, Triseal 69520, Triseal 69596, Triseal 70596, Mechanex/Barrier 745400P, Eaton 815215, NOK 851, Heil 9022299868, Meritor A1205K2351, Meritor A1205P1888, Meritor A1205Q1889, Meritor A1250Y1975, Freuhauf ACA5207, Freuhauf ACA52071, Freuhauf ACE55171, Freuhauf ACF006562, Freuhauf ACF6562, Freuhauf AXA0043, Mechanex/Barrier HS42622, Spicer-Dana M10HH157, Strick R20148223-4, Victor SS48087, Victor SS68002, NOK UZ0302E0, Navistar 296438C91, and NOK 302

Fits Pro-Par axle, Eaton P-22, and Meritor TP

A cross reference listing means that this seal is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Please compare the seal details to your seal to be sure this is correct.



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