Replacment Jost TL B-122-0906 Retractable Twistlock & Spacer

Product Description

  • Spacer: TLB-122-09064
  • Housing Only: TLB-122-805LH
  • Mechanism Only: TLB-122-09062
  • Twistlock Only (No Spacer): TLB-122-09061
  • Weight: SPR=5.8kg & TKTR-L=9.5kg
  • House-Cast Steel, Frame & Handle-M.S.Plate Shaft-Forged
  • B.L. Tensile: 10T


Production Process:

Cutting – Forging – Heat Treatment -Machining – Painting – Assembling –Testing – Packing

3.Material: 45# Steel, Casting Steel, Casting Iron

Note: We could design and produce any type of Container Locks as per customers drawings and samples.

  • Allows rapid loading of containers.
  • Manufactured with a rounded top plate to reduce the risk of puncture damage to the container.
  • Screwdown facility ensures safety for loads during transportation.
  • Handle can be secured in the lock position.
  • The screwdown nut and handle are secured with one operation.
  • Grease point located in shearblock.
  • Cast body designed with aperture for sidelight or reflector.
  • Meets AAR requirements.
  • Dimensionally compatible with corner castings and aperture plates.



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