Replacement Redline Trailer Suspension Hook End Slipper Trailer Leaf Spring 26-1/8″ Long – 7 Leaf Capacity 8000 lbs

Product Description

  • NO.1403T3
  • Number of Leaves:7
  • Width:2″
  • Steel Thickness:3/8″ and 5/16″
  • Free Length (C):3″
  • Arc (A):26-1/8″
  • Length (B):24-7/8″
  • Free Open (D):11-3/16″
  • Eye diameter: 9/16″
  • I.D. Bushing: 9/16″
  • U-Bolts: For 3″ Axle
  • Spring capacity:4000 lbs
  • Axle capacity: 8000 lbs

This 7-leaf Hook End slipper spring is 26-1/8″ long x 2″ wide. It is designed for use on trailers with 8,000-lb axles.

Note: To ensure proper axle alignment and suspension performance, leaf springs should always be replaced in pairs.We can supply complete package including leaf springs, U-bolts, and spring pins/bolts to replace your worn leaf springs with excellent quality leaf springs. You can send us a Leaf Spring Inquiry or call us to help you select the best spring for your application. Many of these springs are in stock or can be made in a short lead time. For spring numbers without pricing, E-mail us to provide pricing and availability.

Note 2 :We could design and produce any type leaf springs as per customers’ drawings and samples.

Redline Trailer Suspension 1403T3

Today we’re going to review part number 1403T3. This is the Redline 7-leaf slipper spring. This 7-leaf slipper spring is designed for use on trailers with 8,000 lb. axles. It is designed to flex to absorb road shock and provide a smooth ride, and it reduces wear and tear on your trailer, and it will help ensure level ride on bumpy and uneven surfaces. This spring will mount to your trailer frame with hangers or a hanger kit, which is sold separately.

It does include the nylon bushing right here in the eye end. Now the leaf springs, they’re an integral part of your trailer suspension. This is a slipper spring, which is suspended at one end by hanger that attaches to the eye right here. The other end, it slips into a hanger, or in the case of a dual or triple axel system into an equalizer. To determine the type of hangers or the hanger kit you need, you must know the specific type of leaf spring you have, as well as your axel diameter and capacity.

On this spring, the number of leaves, as you can see here, is seven. It has a spring capacity of 4,000 lbs. So when used with two of them on one axel it gives you the axel capacity of 8,000 lbs. And to ensure proper axel alignment and suspension performance, it is always recommended to replace leaf springs in pairs. The eye diameter right here on this end is 9/16″.

The width of the spring is 2″. Now a few other measurements that you want to know on your spring when you measure them is the overall length, in other words from the center of the eye to the end right here. And on this one if we measure it, it’s going to be 26-1/8″. The other measurement is from the center of the eye to right here where the slipper spring will attach, and on this one is going to be 24-7/8″. And then the measurement from the eye to the very center of the spring on this would be 11-3/16″.

And the last measurement would be, if you put a straight edge across here and measured a distance from here up to that dimension, in this case on this one would be 3″. And that should do it for the review on part number 1403T3. This is the redline 7-leaf slipper spring for 8,000 lb. trailer axles.


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