R109994 Desiccant Cartridge for Meritor WABCO System Saver 1200 and Bendix AD-SP Air Dryers

Product Description

  • Manufacturer: Xiamen wabco(wabco.cn)
  • Part Number: R109994
  • Condition: New
  • Direct replacement for Meritor R109994 desiccant cartridge
  • Fits all Meritor WABCO 1200 System Saver style air brake air dryers
  • Also fits Bendix AD-SP style air dryers
  • Includes sealing o-ring
  • This desiccant cartridge is a direct replacement for the cartridge found on Meritor WABCO 1200 series System Saver truck air brake system air dryers. It also replaces the cartridge used on Bendix AD-SP air dryers.

    Replacing the System Saver Air Dryer Cartridge

    • Remove the old air dryer cartridge by turning it counter-clockwise
    • Remove the o-ring from the stem on the air dryer base.
    • Clean the air dryer base.
    • Lubricate and install the new o-ring on the stem.
    • Thread the new air dryer desiccant cartridge onto the air dryer stem until the gasket contacts the base.
    • Finish by turning the cartridge one full turn to tighten.

    Cross References: R109994, 109994, BE950011, 4324100202, S4324100202, 5008414, R95011, AC1001, 4324202202, S4324202202, R95011
    A cross reference listing means that this item is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed.

Download the System Saver 1200 Maintenance Manual

Routine Maintenance

Weekly Ensure dryer purges when compressor unloads
Weekly, or as recommended by vehicle manufacturer Drain purge tank (dedicated purge tank dryers)
Weekly, or as recommended by vehicle manufacturer Check for moisture in the system tanks by opening the drain cock
Every 2-3 years or more often, depending on usage

Whenever the compressor is rebuilt

Replace the desiccant cartridge

Maintenance Tips

Dedicated Purge Tank
The best location for dedicated purge tanks is above the air dryer
Extreme Heat
Check to be sure that the compressor discharge line is long enough to allow the compressed air temperature to drop below 175°F before it reaches the air dryer.
Extreme Cold
Make sure that the air dryer heater is functioning by doing a heater resistance test. (See the Maintenance Manual link above)
Check the line from the governor to the air dryer to be sure that its free of oil and water.


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