Meritor WABCO R955321 ABS Valve & ECU Kit, Includes 4005001030 Valve, ECU, and Cable, Diagnostic

Product Description

The trailer ABS is specially developed according to the market demand, and its system configuration is divided into 2S/2M, 4S/2M and 4S/3M to meet different needs. All the trailer ABS systems have the factory default of 2S/2M. Different configurations (4S/2M or 4S/3M) will be automatically accepted if being identified during the initial set-up. The automatic promotion only proceeds from low configuration to high configuration (for example, from 2S/2M to 4S/2M or 4S/3M). This range of anti lock brakes for trailers is mainly used for two purposes. One is to shorten stop distance and improve braking stability during high-speed drive, and the other is to effectively prolong the service life of tyres by reducing tyre wear that is caused by locking up. This trailer ABS system is designed as per international standards, and it exhibits following features.

Features of Trailer ABS

1. The integrated design imparts some outstanding properties to this anti lock braking system, such as light weight, small size, simple structure, easy installation, etc.

2. There are two power supply systems that are compatible with ISO7638 and ISO1185, making this range of ABS system applicable for various types of trailers.

3. Users could check faults even if there isn’t any diagnostic tool.

The abovementioned characteristics perfectly meet the requirements of efficient transportation.

  • Manufacturer: Meritor WABCO
  • Part Number: R955321
  • Condition: New
  • Enhanced Easy-Stop Trailer ABS valve kit
  • Includes valve/ECU, power cable with diagnostic adapter, and instructions
  • Use 650-R955320 or 650-R955321 to replace obsolete PN# S472 500 012 0

Cross References: 4005001030, S4005001030, 400 500 103 0, R955320, R955321, 4725000120
A cross reference listing means that this part should be a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Some changes in installation may be required.
This kit is the same as 650-R955320 except it includes the diagnostic cable.


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