Meritor WABCO R950127-ST ABS Modulator

Product Description

The solenoid valve for ABS system usually refers to three-position three-way solenoid valve, and it is utilized to boost, maintain and reduce the pressure of brake cylinder several times every second, thus setting wheels in a critical state between rotating and locking. In this way, enough adhesive force is obtained to prevent control failure.Specification

  • Working voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC
  • Coil resistance: 15Ω-16Ω
  • Working pressure: 0.5MPa-1MPa
  • Connection: M22×1.5
    Manufacturer: Meritor WABCO
  • Part Number R950127-ST
  • ABS Modulator Valve Kit
  • Ports: 1/2″ NPT
  • Voltage: 12-Volts DC
  • Includes: S472 195 052 0 modulator valve and S894 601 132 2 adapter cable

Cross References: 4721950520, 472 195 052 0, R950127ST
A cross reference listing means that this part should be a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Check the description to be sure.


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