Meritor S446 108 201 0 ECU TS11, 2S/1M

Product Description

The ECU is primarily adopted by 2S/2M ABS system, 4S/2M ABS system and 4S/3M ABS system. It receives signals sent by speed sensors, and then outputs signals to control the combination valve. This lightweight, small-sized device allows simple installation, and it is placed on the combination valve. Moreover, it will automatically detect working conditions of different components of a trailer anti lock brake system once the ignition lock is switched on.


  • Working voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC
  • Working temperature: -40°C~+80°C
  • Standby power consumption: <3W
  • Protection class: IP55Manufacturer: Meritor
  • Part Number S446 108 201 0
    2S/1M Enhanced Easy-Stop ECU TCS11
    Use with standard trailers. Do NOT use with turntables, steerables, or dollies.

Cross References: S446108201, AQ960503, AQ960510, 4461082010
A cross reference listing means that this part should be a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Check the description to be sure.


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