Meritor R803049 Automatic Slack Adjuster – Type 2, 1.50″ 5.5″ Span, 28 Spline

Product Description

  • Manufacturer: Meritor
  • Part Number: R803049
  • Type 2 Automatic Slack Adjuster
  • Stroke Sensing Adjuster – Adjusts brake automatically based on drum brake pushrod stroke length
  • Fits 1.50″ – 28 spline camshaft
  • 5.5″ Arm Length (Span)
  • Straight slack adjuster, No offset
  • Uses yellow piston
  • For use on drum brakes with a type 24 or type 30 brake chamber
  • Includes one slack adjuster without clevis, installation instructions, and an installation template
  • See the Related Products tab for the Type 1 mate to this slack adjuster

Meritor’s unique automatic slack adjuster design keeps brake in constant adjustment; eliminates the need for frequent under-the-truck brake adjustments; reduces brake maintenance costs; reduces vehicle safety inspection citations; and allows for optimum brake performance.

Cross References: E11418, 05563, TDAR802447, 12385341, AS1040, AS1140, CS56040, 4L663, 1961272C91, 2018228C91, ZDRR802447, A13275X1090S, A393275A1145, A393275A1145S, A413275A1145, A563275A599S, A583275A1145, A713275A599, R802453, TDAA413275A1145, V1090265, R802447
A cross reference listing means that this slack adjuster is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. There may be some differences in look and installation.


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