Mack Drive Axles – Stemco 392-9094 Grit Guard Wheel Seal

Product Description

  • Stemco wheel seal set
  • Stemco Part Number: 392-9094
  • One seal and one Grit Guard axle ring for servicing one wheel
  • For use in Mack 34,000 pound drive axle wheels
  • Includes one 315-1511 axle ring and one 320-2129 wheel seal

Grit Guard Axle Ring Dimensions:

Part Number For Shoulder
Seal Area
Width Flange
315-1511 4.500″ 4.579″ 0.950″ 5.685″ 0.437″

Oil Seal Dimensions:

Part Number For Bore
Width Axle Ring
O.D. +/- 0.01
320-2129 5.750″ 0.825″ 4.615″

Found in applications with the following bearing combinations:

Inner Bearing
Outer Bearing
Universal Axle
Tool Head
Universal Hub
Tool Head
563/567 555-5072 551-5393

Cross References: Stemco 309-0903, Stemco 393-0103, Stemco 393-0203, Mack 32QJ263, 32QJ268, Mack 32QJ29318, National 370022A, National 380022A, Trailmobile 4131194, National 415371, CR 45066, CR 45069, CR 45070, CR 45093, CR 45097, CR 45098, CR 45099, CR 45108, CR 46200, CR 46211, Victor 48095, CR 504081, Triseal 65270U, Triseal 65270W, Triseal 65272W, Triseal 70796, Mechanex/Barrier 785400P, NOK 856, Mack 88AX177, Mack 88AX372, Mack 88AX407, Mack 88AX421, Mack 88AX467, Meritor A1805S615, Mechanex/Barrier HS45097, Victor SS64452, and Victor SS64542
A cross reference listing means that this seal is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Please compare the seal details to your seal to be sure this is correct.

Mack Western 11QJA191, 192 hub and drum assembly or Motor Wheel 87125 hub or 87119-B or 87226-F hub and drum assembly with 582 inner bearing cone must use OEM bearing spacer 35AX-1411. Install OEM spacer before installing the axle ring. Press the axle ring on until flush with the bearing side of the spacer.


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