Haldex Gold Seal 3036 Spring Brake Assy

Product Description

Complete service and spring brake assembly
Type 36 spring brake chamber
Type 30 service brake chamber
Available Stroke: 2.5″
Fully threaded push rod
Orange Alert stroke indicator
Piloting Diaphragm
Piloting dust shield with sealed combination
Epoxy coated spring
Zinc plated spring chamber
Spring chamber permanently attached for safety


Combination Spring Brake Specifications
A: 9.6″ (Length of chamber from face of stud housing to the end of the spring housing)
B: 7.3″ (Length of Piggyback center body to end of spring housing)
C: 7.2″ (Spring housing dimension)
D: 9.2″ (Dimension at rolled seal)
E: 9.7″ (Dimension of service clamp band)
F: 7.8″ (Dimension of service diaphragm)
G: 4.75″ (Stud spacing)
J: 9.44″ (Face of stud housing to the tip of the service push rod)


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