Gunite 6″ AS1143 Span Automatic Slack Adjuster – 37 Spline – Fruehauf

Product Description

  • Genuine Gunite Automatic Slack Adjuster
  • Clearance Sensing Adjuster – Adjusts brake automatically based on clearance between the brake drum and brake lining
  • Fits 1.625″ – 37 spline camshaft
  • 6″ Arm Length (Span)
  • Straight slack adjuster, No offset
  • Includes one slack adjuster with pre-installed clevis, installation instructions, and an installation template
  • Gunite Slack Adjusters provide consistent brake adjustment minimizing problems with DOT roadside inspections. Gunite Slack adjusters maintain consistent shoe-to-drum clearance which will help maximize lining life. This reduces the amount of time spent annually on brake relining.

Gunite’s unique design adjusts on the applied stroke, accurately reading the shoe-to-drum clearance when the brake drums are coolest and deflection of the brake system components are minimal. Combine this fact with Gunite’s unique clearance sensing design and exclusive two-way adjustment and you have a slack adjuster that provides the most consistent shoe-to-drum clearance under all conditions. The result is consistent brake adjustment, and optimum brake performance, which increases profits through less downtime and lower operating costs.

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A cross reference listing means that this slack adjuster is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. There may be some differences in look and installation.


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