GM Colorado & Canyon Taillight Harness to 4-Way Flat Vehicle Wiring Kit

Product Description

  • Hoppy tow vehicle wiring kit
  • Add a 4-way flat to specified GM vehicles by simply plugging into the factory taillight harness
  • Uses a standard taillight converter
  • Includes dust cover, wire ties, ground screw, and grease packet

1. Locate vehicle taillight wiring harness. This harness will have the same connector end as the Hoppy® T-connector. The most common location is underneath vehicle behind the rear bumper near the driver’s side frame rail.
2. Disconnect vehicle taillight wiring harness. Connectors will disconnect by pressing or lifting on a locking tab and pulling apart.
3. Apply a small amount of grease to all electrical connections to help prevent corrosion.
4. Plug Hoppy® T-connector into the male and female harness plugs. Be sure the connectors are fully inserted with locking tabs in place.
5. Plug completed wire harness into the trailer connector.
6. Test all functions with engine running to ensure proper operation. TIPS: Grease applied to the trailer wiring terminals on a regular basis will help prevent corrosion. A heavy duty flasher may be required to eliminate rapid flashing. Always unplug boat trailer co

This kit will fit the vehicles listed below

Chevy, GMC, Isuzu
Chevy Colorado 2004-2009
GMC Canyon 2004-2009
Isuzu I-280 2006
Isuzu I-290 2007-2009
Isuzu I-350 2006
Isuzu I-370 2007-2009


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