Ford F-Series 4-Way Flat Vehicle Wiring Kit

Product Description

  • Hoppy tow vehicle wiring kit
  • Add a 4-way flat wire harness to your Ford truck without cutting wires
  • Includes dust cover, wire ties, ground screw, and grease packet


1. Locate vehicle taillight wiring harness behind the rear bumper (A). This harness should have the same connector ends as the Hoppy® T-connector.

2. Disconnect the vehicle taillight wiring harness being careful not to break the locking tabs.

3. Apply a small amount of grease to all electrical connections to help prevent corrosion.

4. Plug Hoppy® T-connector into the male and female harness plugs. Be sure the connectors are fully inserted with locking tabs in place.

5. Grease the terminals on the Hoppy® wire harness (B) and plug the harness into the T-connector.

6. Clean dirt and rust proofing from area and ground the white wire to the vehicle frame with the screw provided.

7. Plug completed wire harness into the trailer connector.

8. Check the lighting system for proper operation.

9. Secure excess wire to vehicle with cable tie provided.

10.To ensure correct installation, test all functions with the engine running.

TIPS: Grease applied to the trailer wiring terminals on a regular basis will help prevent corrosion. A heavy duty flasher may be required to eliminate rapid flashing. Always unplug boat trailer connector before backing trailer into the water.

This kit will fit the vehicles listed below

    Ford Pickups

  • Ford F-150 1987-1996
  • Ford F-250 Light Duty 1987-1996
  • Ford F-250 Heavy Duty 1996-1997
  • Ford F-350 1987-1997

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