Easy-Rolling Trailer Swivel Jack – Bolt On – Galvanized

Product Description

Built tough for convenient towing and jacking, the 1000lb.-capacity Easy-Rolling Trailer Jack offers maximum performance and durability,Wheel size 6.5″. The crank features an ergonomic handle for enhanced grip and smooth trailer lift. Quick-release bracket allows easy repositioning to raise trailer jack up and out of the way when not in use and while travelling on the road. Large 5 1/2″ offset wheel provides quicker turning and easier rolling than conventional wheel mounts. Bolt-on mounting does not require welding.

This jack isn’t your typical trailer jack – it doesn’t mount quite the same, and doesn’t have to pivot the same. It looks like it might be a very nice solution. I put one on my small trailer, and it does seem to hold and raise easily, and seems like it would allow some flexibility for height. I’m expecting it to rust – but I’ll keep an eye on it. Also – it does crank opposite of what I expected – clockwise lowers it, counterclockwise raises it.

Anyway, seems to be a nicer design on the gearing, which is what usually fails on previous Reese and Fulton jacks.


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