Drive Axles 34,000# – PN# 39380 SKF CR Scotseal Classic Wheel Seal

Product Description

  • SKF CR Scotseal wheel seal
  • One seal for one wheel
  • Shaft: 3.938″
  • Bore Diameter: 5.374″
  • OD: 5.381
  • Width: 1.016″

Found in applications with the following bearing combinations:

Inner Bearing
Outer Bearing
N/A/663A N/A 445 710

Cross References: Meritor A11805W725, Meritor A1205B514, Meritor A1205C575, Meritor A1205P574, Meritor A1255T748, Ford 7E01175, Ford, 7E01175A, Ford C2TS4A052B, Ford C8TA1173E, Ford C8TA1175E, Ford C9HS4A052B2, Ford C9TA1173C, Ford C9TA1175J, Ford D0HZ1190D, Ford D0TZ1175C, Ford D0HA1190L, Ford, D0TZ1175E, GM 2064489, GM 2099450, GM 2221288, GM 2223597, GM 2259540, GM 2259657, GM 2343139, GM 242177, GM 3796564, GM 3796564, Navistar 1170273E91, Navistar 189254R91, Navistar 199917R91, Navistar 218205R91, Navistar 285309C91, Navistar 447560C91, Navistar 7674774C91, Stemco 392-9018, Volvo 15965961, Volvo 2094440
A cross reference listing means that this seal is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Please compare the seal details to your seal to be sure this is correct.


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