Dodge Taillight Harness to 4-Way Flat Vehicle Wiring Kit

Product Description

  • Hoppy tow vehicle wiring kit
  • Add a 4-way flat to certain Dodge & Chrysler vehicles by simply plugging into the factory tail light harness
  • Includes dust cover, wire ties, ground screw, and grease packet


1. To expose wiring, open rear door and remove screws (use 5/16″ hex drive) from both rear lamp assemblies and pull assemblies straight back.
2. Unplug connectors B to E.
3. Plug the Hoppy connectors into taillight connectors B to C and D to E.
4. Reinstall the taillight assemblies. Route harness wiring out of the bottom of the lamp assemblies and behind the bumper.
5. Drill a 1/8″ hole into the nearest frame channel and attach the white ground wire with screw provided.
6. Secure any loose wiring to the vehicle with the wire ties provided.
7. Apply grease to the wire harness trailer end to prevent terminal corrosion. TIPS: • Grease applied to the trailer wiring terminals on a regular basis will help prevent corrosion. • A heavy duty flasher may be required to eliminate rapid flashing. • Always unplug boat tra


This kit will fit the vehicles listed below

Dodge, Chrysler
Dodge Dakota 2004-2008
Dodge Ram 2007-2009
Dodge Caravan 1991-1995
Dodge Grand Caravan 1991-1995
Chrysler Voyager 1991-1995
Chrysler Grand Voyager 1991-1995
Chrysler Town & Country 1991-1995


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