Bendix 801541 WS-24 Wheel Speed Sensor

Product Description

This ABS sensor is used to sense the motion state of vehicle or the rotation state of wheel, and transfer the information to ECU (electronic control unit). The ECU judges the motion state of vehicle via induced voltage.
ABS Sensor Parameters

1. Resistance value reaches 1250Ω±100Ω, related to ambient humidity.

2. When the rotational frequency of pole wheel is 100Hz and the clearance between the ABS sensor and pole wheel is 0.7mm, induced voltage is more than 110mV.

3. Voltage is inversely proportional to the clearance between ABS brake sensor and pole wheel, and is in direct proportion to pole wheel diameter and wheel rotational speed.

  • Manufacturer: Bendix
  • Part Number: 801451
  • Condition: New
  • Body Style: 90°
  • Harness Length: 63″
  • Connector Type: 2-Pin DIN barrel
  • Includes clamping sleeve


WS-24 wheel speed sensors are electromagnetic devices used to obtain wheel speed information for the antilock controller. The wheel speed sensor works in conjunction with an exciter ring to generate an AC signal that is transmitted to and analyzed by the ABS controller.

Cross References: 801541, 300150
A cross reference listing means that this part should be a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Some changes in installation may be required.




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