Bendix 279472 LP-3 Low Pressure Indicator – 75 PSI Cut-Out,Single Terminal

Product Description

  • Manufacturer: Bendix
  • Part Number: 279472
  • Condition: New
  • 1/4″ pipe thread
  • Double Terminal
  • Cut-Out pressure: 75 psi +/- 6 psi

Low pressure indicators are pressure-operated electropneumatic switches that are designed to complete an electrical circuit and actuate a warning light and buzzer for the driver in the event air pressure in the service brake system is below a minimum level for normal operation. The low pressure indicator is available in various pressure settings, is not adjustable, and is generally used in conjunction with a dash mounted warning lamp or warning buzzer or both.

Cross References: 279165, 6984413, GTA-279472, BE13241, 1MR2415, 1MR1169AP3, 296779C91
A cross reference listing means that this valve is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Some changes in air line plumbing may be required.


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