Bendix 229505X LQ-2 Limiting/Quick Release Valve

Product Description

  • Manufacturer: Bendix
  • Part Number: 229505X
  • Condition: Remanufactured
  • Bendix reman valves have the same warranty as new valves
  • Supply port A size = 3/8″ pipe thread
  • Delivery port B size = 3/8″ pipe thread
  • Exhaust port C size = N/A

Commonly found on pre-121 vehicles, and usually mounted on the front axle, the LQ-2 limiting and quick release valve serves two functions; the valve limits front axle service brake application by 50% and serves as a quick release valve for that axle. It is controlled by a TW-1 control valve on the vehicle dash, which allows it to be placed in the 50% limiting (slippery road) position or in the normal (dry road) position. In the normal (dry road) position, it will deliver full application pressure.

Cross References: 229505, 283525, 513947, 223821, 229505N, 4R9318, 6M4527, 2303058, 8A3141, 825494, 10130257, 10130386, 213326, KN32030, AE32589, 319051, K295-67, 745229505, 336751C91, 4002167R91, 625444C91, 19TN252, 1321081, 1361408, 21081, 724064, 724160, 801516, K29567, LQV-5697, 2396430, 20009, 13208E6516, 13220E1500, 034084, V1092935
A cross reference listing means that this valve is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Some changes in air line plumbing may be required.


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