Bendix 065177 ASA-5 Automatic Slack Adjuster – 1.625″-37 Spline Camshaft, 6″ Span – Fruehauf

Product Description

Manufacturer: Bendix
Part Number 065177bendix-k041876-automatic-slack-adjuster-cad
Condition: New
Clearance Sensing Adjuster – Adjusts brake automatically based on clearance between the brake drum and brake lining
Fits 1.625″ – 37 spline camshaft
6″ Arm Length (Span)
Straight slack adjuster, No offset
Adapter thread size: 5/8″ – 18
Includes one slack adjuster with pre-installed clevis and installation instructions

The automatic adjustment provided by the Bendix ASA-5 slack adjuster results in consistent brake lining to drum clearance and brake actuator stroke. The key to its operation is the ability to complete the brake adjustment during the early part of each brake application and to cease adjusting as resistance to brake cam rotation begins to build. This aspect of the adjuster mechanisms operation prevents over-adjustment caused by lining compression, actuator bracket deflection, drum and foundation brake component distortion, or brake component wear.

The ASA-5 slack adjuster incorporates a clutch-type adjuster mechanism that continuously adjusts in very small increments as lining and drum wear occurs. The adjustments made by the ASA-5 slack adjuster are, therefore, not in specific increments relative to actuator stroke.

Cross References: 65177, BW065177, CS56044, 745065177, BX065177, ZAC065177
A cross reference listing means that this slack adjuster is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. There may be some differences in look and installation.


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