Replacement Bendix Disc Brake Pad Set for 73mm Calipers – D786-7655

Product Description

  • Part Number: MKD786
  • Fits certain Ford and IH/Navistar trucks with 73mm caliper pistons
  • Genuine Bendix brake pad set
  • 4 disc brake pads
  • Does one axle
  • High quality brake pads give longer life and lower maintenance costs
  • FMSI Shoe Number: D786
  • FMSI Lining Number:7655
  • Lining Thickness: 26.8mm


Cross References: MKD786, E10907860, D786-HD4, E-D786-S, ED786V, UP7655M, ZJCMKD786m BXE10907860
A cross reference listing means that this pad kit is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed.


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