Replacement US-2006 Open Eye End Slipper Utility Trailer Leaf Spring 21-3/4″ Long – 3 Leaf Capacity 1000 lbs

Product Description

  • Width:1.75 inches
  • Steel Thickness:0.360 inch
  • Spring Type: Open Eye
  • Free Length: 21-3/4″
  • Capacity (each): 1000 lbs.
  • Number of Leaves: 3
  • Arch Height: 3-1/4″
  • Gauge Steel: .262
  • I.D. Bushing: 9/16″

Slipper – Open Eye trailer spring is made from the highest quality steel. 1.75 inches wide, 20 inches long with 650 lbs. capacity per spring.

Note: To ensure proper axle alignment and suspension performance, leaf springs should always be replaced in pairs.We can supply complete package including leaf springs, U-bolts, and spring pins/bolts to replace your worn leaf springs with excellent quality leaf springs. You can send us a Leaf Spring Inquiry or call us to help you select the best spring for your application. Many of these springs are in stock or can be made in a short lead time. For spring numbers without pricing, E-mail us to provide pricing and availability.

Note 2 :We could design and produce any type leaf springs as per customers’ drawings and samples.

Leaf springs are an integral part of your Trailer suspension system. The leaf springs provide the attachment points for your trailer’s axle, suspending it from the frame of your Trailer. Each spring flexes to absorb road shock as you travel, allowing the axle to move somewhat independently of the rest of your Trailer. This helps to reduce wear and tear on the Trailer and also ensures a smooth ride.

To mount this spring, you will need hangers, shackle straps, and suspension bolts. If you are simply replacing a spring, you may still have hangers welded onto your trailer You should, however, replace your shackle straps because they are usually the first component to wear out. You may choose to replace old suspension bolts as well. It is recommended that you replace the other leaf spring in your setup at the same time. Because springs can sag and elongate as they wear, this new spring may not exactly match the old one, and the alignment of your truck could be affected.

If you are fabricating a trailer, you will need to purchase a hanger kit for installation. To determine the type of hanger kit that you need, you must know the specific type of leaf spring that you have, as well as your axle capacity. Depending on the hanger kits used with them, springs can be configured to work for single-, tandem- or triple-axle applications. Hangers and other suspension components can also be purchased separately if there isn’t a complete kit that works for your setup.


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