Replacement SAF HOLLAND Landing Gear – H.D. Semi-Trailer Tandem Landing Gear Set – 50k lbs

Product Description

  • Reliable, high-quality seal keeps water out and extends life
  • NAFTA Compliant
  • Industry standard TTMA mounting plate
  • Gearbox with low-temperature premium lube provides easy cranking and reduces component wear; protection from -65ºF to 225ºF
  • Low Speed Gear – 34.4 turns per inch
  • High Speed Gear – 4.5 turns per inch
  • 17″ of travel
  • Exclusive Floating Nut design for high side-load capacity and reduced dock-walk damage
  • 80,000 psi minimum yield upper housing and retractable tube
  • Three-gear train gearbox handles normal loads with 40% less effort
  • Exceeds all AAR M-931 and all TTMA RP-4 performance specifications
  • Includes an industry leading 5-year warranty
Product features:
  •  Using low temperature chassis lube, the gear box works well from -30°C to 120°C;
  •  Works flexibly with grease lubricant on the jack screw;
  •  Double speed designed for better efficiency;
  •  Wider backing mounting plate for greater load bearing capacity and longer service life;
  •  Multi-type shoes available for different usage;
  •  Reliable, high quality seal keeps water out and extends the useful life;
Product functions:
  •  The device is used for semi-trailer and special trailers.
  •  It can lift and support the trailer when separated from the tractor.
  •  Used for all sorts of trucks securely working as hydraulic jacks.
  •  The quality is up to the standard of American ABS specification.
  •  Please adjust to slow speed when loading, high speed is forbidden, otherwise it may injure the landing gear.
Attention(outside landing gear):
  •  Only use low speed gear when the base ground raise the vehicle, high speed gear are not allowed to be used.
  •  Confirm the gear meshing completely when the handle is hung on the hook. Avoid the condition that the gear is in the neutral position when the handle hung within the hook.

SAF HOLLAND’S 51000 series Landing Gear Set is suitable for the majority of applications in the trucking industry. The floating nut riser helps resist the stresses of dock walk found in some air suspensions. Features a 50,000 lb. lifting capacity, 27,000 lb. side load capacity and a 140,000 lb. ultimate load capacity. Includes: 51000 series tandem gear set, universal style crank handle and cross shaft.



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