Replacement Jost KZ 1008-1012 Bolted King pins 50mm

Product Description

  • B.Double
  • Road train rated

CRN/ Rating:24156 D-Value 190 kN Features:

Fig. Description Part No.

1. King pin 2”Dia KZ 1012-01

2. Retention plate for:

  • 12 mm skid plate KZ 1012-02
  • 10 mm skid plate KZ 1010-02
  • 8 mm skid plate KZ 1008-02

3. Self-securing bolt KZE 1012-03


Bolted King pin:

(a) consist of tray, king pin & 8 self-locking bolts.

(b) The skid plate thickness: 8mm, 10mm & 12mm.

(c) The way of replacing the damaged king pin: detaching from the 8 self-locking bolts, and screwing down the new king pin by 8 self-locking bolts


Compaction King Pin:

(a) lock on the semi-trailer via bolt&nuts.

(4) Function: King pin, which is a standard part used for connecting the tractor and semi-trailer.

(5) Dimensions according to DIN 74080 and ISO 337 JOST king pins can be used in self steering axle systems. Mounting must be carried out according to the instructions

3. Production Process:

Cutting – Forging – Heat Treatment -Machining – Painting – Assembling –Testing – Packing

Note: We could design and produce any type of king pins as per customers’ drawings and samples.


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