Levelling Valve Gobernadora T/WABCO M.BENZ SV1295 / SV1318 / SV1323 / SV1399/SV1294

Product Description

Manufacturer: Bendix

Part Number 065316

Condition: New

Control valve common in Lucas Girling hydraulic brake systems

Cross References: 065316, 65316, 107583, 108439, 109135, 5000251, 106376, E5HZ2K806C, E9HZ2K806B, 1693119C1, P106134


The valve is mounted either vertically with the exhaust port facing downwards,or horizontally.it is fastened to the chassis by means of two blots M8. To simplify the installation and the adjustment of the lever and the connecting likeage,the unit can be locked into its neutral postition by means of pin.The connecting linkage can be mounted with the vehicle at its normal level. The air suspension valve is to be fitted with maximum lever length wherever possible.Using the hexagon head screw located on the mounting of the round lever.the adjusting Levelling Valve can be fixed at radom at any length.Depending on the space available .it is possible to use any offse for the lever.By fixing or turning the lever through 180 the valve can optionally be actuated on the left or the right


The transmission rod and air sup spring lever should not form a straight lin since the linkage could invert and damage the air supsension valvel. Scania  Volvo  I80091


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