Germa type semi trailer axle beam

  • Type:American Type
  • Material: Steel
  • Capacity: 11T,13T,16T,20T
  • Beam Size: 127×16/127×19/127x127x12/150x150x12/150x150x14/150x150x16

Product Description

  • capacity:12/14/16T
  • axle beam thickness:12/14/16mm
  • Beam Size: 150x150x12/150x150x14/150x150x16
  • truck:1840/2040mm
  • production craft:welding
  • materical:20mn2
  • for agerman type axle


  • 12T German Type Axle Beam
  • 12T German Type Axle Tube
  • 14T German Type Axle Beam
  • 14T German Type Axle Tube
  • 16T German Type Axle Beam
  • 16T German Type Axle Tube
  • 12T Bpw Type Axle Beam
  • 12T Bpw Type Axle Tube
  • 14T Bpw Type Axle Beam
  • 14T Bpw Type Axle Tube
  • 16T Bpw Type Axle Beam
  • 16T Bpw Type Axle Tube


  • the axle beam is processed with special heat treatment technics
  • has antifatigue,strong loading capacity
  • Forged camshafts with hardened wear surface.
  • Solid inserted spindle and bearing journals laser heat treated, provide superior fatigue capability.
  • High performance premium non-asbestos brake linings, extend service life
  • Easy for ABS installation
  • Grease lubricant is supplied by Exxon Mobil
  • New 100% tight fit hub cap with additional O ring, provide optimum
  • Load capacity is from 12 tons to 20  tons

Our main products:

  • German BPW suspensions and axles
  • American FUWA type suspensions and axles
  • king pin: 50# & 90# king pin
  • leaf spring: 90 width*13 thickness*10 pcs ( hot seller type)
  • landing gear: capacity 25T & 28T, single side & linkage land gear
  • brake chamber: single & double brake chamber(30 30 air chamber)
  • fifth wheel: 50# & 90 # fifth wheel
  • air tank: 20L 30L 40L 60L air tank
  • twist lock: molten & forged twist lock

Our company’s advantages:

  • OEM manufacture in semi trailer parts
  • Can be customized
  • ISO9001:2000 certificate
  • steady and large supply
  • reasonable and competitive price
  • efficient and professional service on export trade

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