Firestone W01-358-9010 Air Spring – Replaces Hendrickson S2827 Air Bag

Product Description



Features and BenefitsRequire little to no maintenance

  • Goodyear Bellows Number: 566-18-3-003
  • Increase life of other suspension components
  • Replace worn out oem air bags
  • Increase towing and hauling capabilities
  • Pressure tested for quality assurance
  • Manufacturer: Firestone
  • Goodyear Bellows Number: 566-24-3-076
  • Goodyear Part Number: 1R12-421
  • Firestone Bellows Number: 1T15M-4
  • Firestone Part Number: W01-358-9010
  • Replaces: Ridewell 1003589010C (replaces 9064), Reyco 12928-01, Hendrickson Trailer S2827, Hendrickson Trailer S11566 (remove bolt), Watson & Chalin AS-0044, MASA T27129063, Hendrickson 4392,Tuthill Technology W017559010,Ridewell 1292801,Dayton Parts 3529010, Airtech 3415402KPP,Goodyear 1R12421
  • Cross References: 1R12352, 8805, 8345, B-2827, 12928-01, AS-0044, 64466, 9 10-14 P 345, 910-14P345, 91014P345, W01-358-9010, W013589010
    A cross reference listing means that this air bag may be a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Please double check the dimensions and location of mounting holes and stud to be sure the air bag will work in your application.

Firestone offers a complete line of Airide springs, with replacement springs available for virtually every air suspension system on the market today.

To be sure you choose the correct replacement air bag, we offer tips on identifying an air spring as well as a page illustrating the components of an air spring. Use them as a guide but feel free to give us a call to help you identify your spring.

You can use the 280-9010 to replace a Firestone W01-358-8805 air bag. The only difference is that the W01-358-8805 has a threaded hole in the top plate where the 280-9010 has a stud. The threaded hole in the W01-358-8805 is not used in the applications we have seen since there is a frame rail over it. The stud on the 280-9010 can be cut off to fit that application. We can special order the Firestone W01-358-8805 if you require it.


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