Bendix AD-9 Air Dryer, 24-Volt,1/2″ NPT

Product Description

These are AD-9 air dryers that we configured for a customer using 109685 12-Volt AD-9s and 5004342X 24-volt purge assemblies. The result is a 24-Volt AD-9 air dryer with 1/2″ NPT ports and a soft seat purge valve.

You can use this air dryer on just about any truck, bus, or piece of equipment that has a 24-volt electrical system, and it’s priced at over $100 less than the comparable Bendix 109687X or 065226 24-volt air dryer.

Special Notes
Product Description
Manufacturer: Bendix
Condition: Remanufactured by Bendix
Core Charge: None
Ports: 1/2″ NPT
Purge Valve: Soft Seat
Heater: 12-Volts DC / 75 Watts
Brackets: None
Wire Harness: None

Cross References: 109688X, 109687X, 065226
A cross reference listing means that this item should be a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Please verify that the picture and item description match your needs.

Download:Bendix AD-9 Air Dryer Service Data Sheet


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