Bendix E-10 Dual Brake Foot Valve

Product Description

  • Manufacturer: Bendix
  • Part Number: 101100X
  • Condition: Remanufactured
  • Bendix reman valves have the same warranty as new valves
  • Ports: 3/8″ NPT (All)
  • Treadle and mounting plate not furnished

Dual circuit brake valves utilize two separate supply and delivery circuits for service and secondary braking. The number one or primary circuit portion is mechanically operated through the action of the treadle/pedal and plunger. The number two or secondary circuit normally operates similar to a relay valve, with control air delivered from the number one primary circuit. In the emergency mode (failure of the primary supply), the secondary inlet valve is mechanically opened by a push through mechanical force from the driver’s foot via the treadle/pedal, plunger and primary piston.

The E-4, E-6, E-10, E-12 and E-15 dual brake valves are floor mounted, treadle operated valves with two separate supply and delivery circuits.

Cross References: 101100, 101100N, 101285, 101305, 102607, 103178, 104260, 104278, 104279, 104318, 104346, 104429, 104621, 104677, 106248, 106355, 106362, 106363, 106364, 106409, 107703, 109631, 5003109, 5003110, 5003115, 5003121, 5003122, 5003124, 1678812, 9009977, 9C4441, 15509960, 6966107, 6966108, 7926001550, 745-101100, 22760, S-11505, 1513795
A cross reference listing means that this valve is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Some changes in air line plumbing may be required.


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