Agricultural Solid Square Beam Axle

  • Capacity(T):1~2
  • Stubs:4xM114
  • PCDxCBD(mm):130×84/140×93

Product Description

Agricultural Solid Square Beam Axle are very robust and will withstand use in arduous conditions. They can be braked or unbraked and sprung or unsprung. They are used in a wide range of applications from slow moving works trolleys to heavy duty military trailers.

They are manufactured in one piece from solid square section bar with a size of beam from 38mm to 60mm depending on the carrying capacity and speed of use. Each end is machined as a stub on specially adapted CNC turning machines to suit the hub and/or brake assembly specified by the customer.

These agricultural axles can be used as single units, in tandem or close coupled (two springs linked with a centre balance beam). The axles can be supplied with or without hubs. The hubs can be unbraked or braked using standard, auto-reverse or hydraulic/mechanical brakes.



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