50mm Solid Square Agricultural Trailer Stub Axle

  • Stubs:4xM14
  • PCDxCBD(mm):130×84
  • Bearing:30205-30207

Product Description

  • Capacity(T):1.5
  • Track(mm):200
  • Beam(mm):□40×40
  • Brake Size(mm):No
  • Stubs:4xM14
  • PCDxCBD(mm):130×84
  • Bearing:30205-30207
  • Weight(Kg):7

Stub Axle Set With 50mm Solid Square are a type of solid beam axle which are very robust and will withstand use in arduous conditions. They can be braked or unbraked and sprung or unsprung. They are used in a wide range of applications from slow moving works trolleys to heavy duty military trailers.Straight stubs are made from square bar with a free bed length of your choice.

These solid square stub axle set can be used as single units, in tandem or close coupled (two springs linked with a centre balance beam). The axles can be supplied with or without hubs.The hubs can be unbraked or braked using standard, auto-reverse or hydraulic/mechanical brakes.


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