4×108 Wheel Spacers

  • 4×108 (4×4.25) bolt pattern
  • 1/2 RH stud thread size
  • 63.4mm Hub Diameter
  • 1 pair (2 spacers total)

Product Description

  • 4×108 (4×4.25) bolt pattern
  • 1/2 RH stud thread size
  • 63.4mm Hub Diameter
  • 1 pair (2 spacers total)
  • Spacers available in 1″, 1,5″ and 2″ width
  • 1″ Spacers add 2″ to overall increase in width
  • 1.5″ Spacers add 3″ to overall increase in width
  • 2″ Spacers add 4″ to overall increase in width

Our wheel-spacers are built to last and carry a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects. Our wheel spacers are designed to extend wheel width for greater stability. These spacers allow for the installation of larger tires without rubbing shocks, struts, or exhaust systems.

These are heavy duty spacers, and are CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum. Our spacers are built to last.

Our spacers simply bolt between the hub and the wheel and come complete with nuts and studs.

When installing wheel spacers, be sure to tighten nuts to the same torque specifications as recommended for your wheels.

In some cases your factory wheel studs may be too long or too short to use with spacers. If your factory wheel studs are too short to get proper lug nut engagement, you will need to install longer wheel studs. The wheel must fit flush against the adapter and in some cases with the 1” adapter you’ll need to trim your wheel studs as they’ll stick out further than the adapter. Wheel studs vary in length between vehicles. Always ensure your wheel studs are the proper length for installation.

Altering your vehicle in any way changes the way it was designed to operate. Changing tire height or width will change the way your vehicle handles. Adding aftermarket wheels or wheel spacers can also affect the way your vehicle handles. Adding wheel spacers can help your cornering ability by widening your stance, but this can also have a negative effect on wheel bearings, steering and suspension components. However if you’ve purchased aftermarket wheels with less offset than factory, adding wheel spacers can move the wheel out closer to the factory offset, helping to offset the negative effects.

1995-2000 – Ford – Contour
1981-1990 – Ford – Escort
1981-1985 – Ford – EXP
2000-2007 – Ford – Focus
1983-1994 – Ford – Tempo
1980-1985 – Mercury – Cougar
1999-2002 – Mercury – Cougar
1981-1987 – Mercury – Lynx
1995-1996 – Mercury – Mystique
1983-1994 – Mercury – Topaz


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