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Timbren SES Kit Or Air Bags,Which is better?

What is an Air Bag Helper Spring?firestone-air-bag
An Air Bag Helper Spring will install either inside your coil for coil sprung vehicles, or on the leaf or axle for leaf sprung vehicles. Once installed they can be inflated to provide up to 5000lbs of load leveling capacity, based on the type of air bag designed for your specific vehicle. You will need to maintain 5psi at all times, so the integrity of the bag is not compromised. As a general rule of thumb for 5000lb kits each additional pound of pressure is equivalent to 50 pounds of added support. Once inflated to the proper level air bags will keep your bed level with the front, reduce sway, improve control and increase loaded ride comfort.

What is a Timbren SES Kit?
A Timbren SES kit is a rubber bumper that will replace your stock jounce bumper. The Timbren bumper will sit 1.5” above your axle when unloaded; this is to ensure that your vehicles unloaded ride is not affected and that you will maintain your factory ride. Once your vehicle is loaded the SES will make contact with your axle, it will then expand and contract with the road providing the proper load support for the weight in your vehicle. This will keep your vehicle level, add stability, reduce sway and increase loaded ride comfort.

What are the differences between Timbrens and Air Bags?


  • Does not require air
  • Adjusts to load automatically
  • Zero maintenance
  • Does not make contact when unloaded

Air Bags:

  • Requires air to provide support
  • Allows for you to adjust to your liking
  • Needs to be kept at a minimum of 5 psi
  • Air can be added while unloaded to customize ride

What are the similarities between Timbrens and Air Bags?

  • imbren and Air Bags
  • Provides additional load leveling capacity
  • Levels rear of loaded vehicle with front
  • Reduces sag and sway
  • Improves loaded ride
  • Does not affect unloaded ride quality
  • Easy to install
  • Great customer service
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Which is better?
Both the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System and Air Bag Helper Springs are great products. Which is better would come down to user preference. If you are looking for full control over the product and the adjustability factor than Air Bags are the one to choose. If you want something that is lower maintenance and has that set it and forget it benefit than Timbrens will be the winner. Whichever product you decide to go with will be a great choice. Both will add additional load support, protect your current springs and improve loaded ride comfort.