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Selecting Proper Trailer Axle Assembly

Before selecting an axle assembly for your application or local market, we suggest you consider the necessary specifications below:



• Load Capacity: The load rating of the axle must support the maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). For multiple axle trailers, divide the GVWR by the number of axles to determine the minimum load capacity of each axle.
• Brake Drum: The area of the brake lining is the key factor that influences the brake system. Make up your mind on what you want for the diameter of the brake shoes and the width of the brake lining.
• Axle Style: People from different places may have different habitual preference for axle style. German axles and American axles may differ in beam shape (round or square), spindle size and some other specifications. Determining right specifications is especially important when reusing existing hubs or drums.
• Track Length: Measure your axle track length by determining the distance between the center of one tire to the center of the other tire.
• Spring Centers: Measure the distance from the center of one spring to the center of the other.
• Overall Length: Measure the distance from the very end of an axle’s spindle to the very end of the opposite spindle.
• PCD: This is important for axle assembling. The PCDs of the brake drum and the hub have to be the same.