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Air Valve Part Number References

There is no application guide that tells us what air brake valves the manufacturer used on your truck or trailer. The only people who can tell you what valve the vehicle manufacturer used based on a VIN are the vehicle dealers. With that said, there are other ways to determine which valve you need. You may find a label or a metal tag on the valve that has the OEM part number printed on it. Sometimes, the number is stamped right on the valve body. Raised casting numbers are usually no help at all. You’re looking for stamped numbers here.

If you can’t find any numbers, you can look for a match based on the pictures we provide here on This is easiest if you know at least what type of valve you’re working with. Is it a relay valve or push-pull valve? If you have no idea what kind of brake valve you’re replacing, you will probably benefit from looking over the Bendix Air Brake Handbook.

We try to provide a comprehensive cross reference lists for each air brake valve we offer here, but there are always OE numbers we haven’t learned about yet. The list of pages below contains useful part number references from OE valve manufacturers. You can try your part number at the sites listed or just give us a call or drop us an email for help.

  • Bendix Part Number Search Use this if you have a Bendix part number and want to find their current number.
  • Bendix Cross Reference Cross reference a vehicle manufacturer’s part number to a Bendix number.
  • Haldex Cross Reference If Haldex made it, they should be able to cross reference for your number to the current number. Look at the right side of the page for the cross reference search box.
  • Meritor Parts Online Use the search box at the top of the page.
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